Recently, cannabidiol oil has become increasingly popular and has been making headlines, especially in the niche of health and fitness. Because it’s a new product on the market, though, there’re many misconceptions and even more questions surrounding this promising product. This article is made to clear the air, regarding CBD Vape Oil’s ability to get consumers high, and also as to answer some other questions concerning CBD oil and how CBD e-liquid works.

Is CBD Similar to Marijuana?

While it’s a fact that medical marijuana and cannabidiol products are marijuana products that come from the same plant, cannabis, the two are completely different products. While some of their medicinal benefits tend to overlap, CBD oil doesn’t really give you the high effect that’s often associated with marijuana.

The Cannabis plant is known to contain over 100 cannabinoids, which are the active chemical compounds in the plant that are responsible for all of cannabis health benefits. The 2 most common cannabinoids contained in the Cannabis Sativa plant are THC and CBD. THC, which is illegal in many parts of the world, is the active and most abundant ingredient found in cannabis and cannabis products and is responsible for the well-known psychoactive effects associated with the plant.

However, CBD oil products contain much more of the cannabidiol and little to no amounts of THC. For example, many cannabis products contain about 15 to 25% THC, with 15% being a moderate amount and 25% being pretty high. Cannabidiol products, however, contain amounts less than 1 percent, with most of the products containing about 0.3 percent THC. This is why CBD oil doesn’t get its consumers high.

What Exactly Is CBD Vape Oil?

Cannabidiol is usually extracted from the stems, flowers, and leaves of the cannabis plant, and uses not only CBD but also some other naturally beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids such as Humulene, Linalool, Mercene, and Limonene. Also known as CBD e-liquid, or CBD vape juice, CBD oil is a special type of CBD that is created to use with a vaporizer or vape pens, to produce a thick, harmless vapor that’s inhaled into the lungs, like other smoking mechanisms.

This method of consumption is pretty fast acting and helps to deliver the benefits of the CBD oil right into your bloodstream as soon as possible. The method is actually the preferred form of CBD hemp oil by folks who already vape or smoke and is a great option to consider if you’re looking for a cannabidiol product that’s quick and direct to take effect. CBD vape oil’s immediate action makes it a good product for controlling pain, sudden bouts of anxiety and other conditions that might come without notice.

What is CBD Vape Juice Good For?

CBD e-liquid is a great way that people use to experience the benefits of CBD oil to their bodies. Some of the perks of CBD vape oil include:

1. Supporting hair growth and healthy skin and helps to balance moisture in the hair and skin as well. CBD is actually very similar to the cannabinoids contained in the skin, which makes it easy for CBD vape oil to bind with CB-1 receptors in the skin to fight free radicals and bacteria in the skin while controlling and balancing moisture output in sebum glands.

2. Helps to control vomiting, nausea, fatigue, and several other symptoms, especially the ones related to cancer treatments.

3. Reduces inflammation and pain by affecting the brain neurotransmitters to affect the way that your body perceives sensory information. For this reason, CBD oil is an effective treatment for those conditions that lead to inflammation and cause pain like rheumatoid arthritis. Topical solutions such as creams and salves infused with CBD oil are specifically made for these conditions and muscle pain

4. Reduces depression and anxiety by affecting serotonin levels in the brain. In fact, many folks use CBD products to reduce or replace the amount of medication they use to treat these mental disorders.

So if you want a fast acting CBD product that will not get you high, then CBD oil is your best choice. It can make you relax, and get relief from symptoms such as pain and inflammation. Just ensure you buy it from a reliable supplier. And, talk about consumer choice, you’ll be pleased to note that different flavored cbd vape juice is widely available!