Most Popular Electronic Gadgets To Own

The tablet is one of the coolest new devices on the technology scene in the past 10 years that has arrived.  These devices have a large screen and are operated just with our fingers with great interfaces and ease of us.  Not surprisingly, they’ve impacted the sales of personal computers.  The main reason is that most people’s casual computing needs of the past 20 years have probably been around just web browsing and accessing e-mail.

Tablets excel at these tasks because you have dedicated browsers that nicely show you websites and you can interact with them easily with your fingers.  E-mail is also served by specific applications or “apps” that have been developed by the respective service provider.  So, the popular Gmail service has a dedicated Gmail app that is developed by Google that you can install on your tablet.  And, beyond just web and e-mail, there are huge amount of apps in all categories.  Tablets may not be the best platform for all applications, especially heavy duty scenarios like spreadsheets and the like.  But, they are great for a wide range of typical computing activities that use to be done solely on personal computers.

Another popular electronic gadget in the past 10 years has been the personal fitness tracker.  One of the big market players that started early and got big recognition was Fitbit.  So much so, that they even secured their brand name with the whole category of devices.  So, people wouldn’t say that I want a personal fitness tracker, but instead would say I want a Fitbit.  In the past few years, Apple entered this market with their Apple Watch and has become a dominant force.

Just as they sound, these items are fitness trackers that can count how many steps you take in a day, how many calories you’ve burned, and similar type of functions.  Especially with the newfound fitness crazy that is going around most countries right now, these devices have become very popular and are being found on the wrists of most people that you see.  They also have other important applications or information they gather, such as the amount and quality of your sleep, your pulse and heart rhythms, and other medically oriented health functions.

Last but not lease is the cell phone or as they are increasingly represented today as smart phones.  These have become much more than just phones and are in some way also like the above tablets and fitness trackers.  The reason is that you can and people do use them, sometimes even exclusively, as personal computing devices to do web and e-mail.  They also have fitness functions, as well.  There are some key manufacturers that make these phones, including Apple, and then big service providers in varies markets that provide cellular service.  One needs to simply acquire the phone of their choice and a data plan (like the airtel data plan) and they are ready to go with a world of possibilities online.